[Feature] Reliable endurance runner: BMW 5-Series from 2. Hand

July 7th, 2012

BMW 5er Feature

40 years after its world premiere at the International Motor Show is the BMW 5 Series used car customers many interesting than buying property. In the ADAC breakdown statistics of the mid-size car is far ahead.

In 1972 the name was new to mid-range 5 Series BMW models. The car was parked for a new logic of naming in the Münchenern. 7 Series, BMW 3 and 8 should be followed only later, much later, and the 1. Today, the most recent vintage of the 5-ten years are classified as such, and the new are considered very mature. Also for the model built by 2009 the 5-series (E60), which should interest many used-car customers, the ADAC has left almost nothing but praise. Since 2005, occupied the car, which is now counted among the upper middle class places in front of the breakdown statistics of the Automobile Club.

With many niggles need but also the 5 deal: So many suffered and 2005-built diesel under D efekten the turbocharger, with engines of both combustion types, there was until 2004 disturbances in engine management that were fixed by software updates. In addition, there were wet spark plugs (to 2005) and defective alternator (to 2004) to complain. For copies of 2008, before falling from the front passenger airbag. Largely positive words also found in his recent report by TÜV 2012th Since 2003, there were in the 5 ‘hardly typical problems. ” Recent 5-considered “prime example of a solid cross-country skiers.”

Meanwhile, 40 years after its world premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the 5 Series since 2010 is offered in the sixth generation. First time in 1979 to put the motor sport division of the brand, the M GmbH, hand and brought the M535i with 160 kW/218 hp. 1985 debut of the M5, it also was a diesel until the E28 series from 1981. First time in 1991 was offered a touring-called combination of the 5 Series. Since 2009 therea hatchback version of the abbreviation GT for Gran Turismo. In January 2012, BMW presented the first hybrid version of the model.

Under the hood, the 5 Series has a wide power range. The gasoline engines emit the 2003-2009 fifth edition built 125 kW/170 hp to 412 kW/560 hp (the current M5 DKG) from. Diesel side, there are drives with 110 kW/150 hp to 230 kW/313 hp. Grants are awarded to in-line four-cylinder engines and six-and eight-and ten-cylinder V-configuration.

The lowest average in the series E60 5 Series from used should be the 520i from the year 2003. The Schwacke is a list of the 125 kW/170 hp car with 10 600 euros. Than average mileage 152.6 thousand km are indicated. In contrast, a 523i costs from 2010 with 150 kW/204 hp yet about 29 250 euros. 41.35 thousand kilometers he has in the middle behind. Interested parties who are looking for a diesel as a combination to the lookout in case of a 530d Touring Edition Exclusive e reckon with 173 kW/235 hp from 2008 about 24 550 Euro- with a mileage of 87 800 kilometers.

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